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RAW to DNG Converter

RAW to DNG converter converts native raw data of some digital still cameras to DNG format. DNG is Digital Negative format from Adobe. It is supported by Adobe Photoshop CS and late, and some other RAW converters. It's the best format for native raw. It uses lossless compression, stores EXIF data from paired JPEG file, has small preview and allows straight processing by Photoshop.

raw2dng.exe is a command line variant of program, like raw2nef.exe. raw2dngw.exe is a GUI variant of program. raw2dngw.exe have build-in converters raw to dng and raw to nef. diadpix.exe is a command line version of special purpose program for making table of dead pixels. RAW to DNG converter uses this table for correcting dead pixels during the conversion.

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RAW to DNG Converter GUI (raw2dngw.exe)

  • Adding file for conversion

    You can drag files/folder from Windows Explorer and drop it to the file list. Then you are adding folder program scans all subfolders and add files with known extension which have well-known format to list. HKCU\Software\raw2dng\KnownExtensions registry key has value ".JPG;.RAW;.DNG;.NEF;.ORF;.PEF;.MRW;.SR2;" by default. Then you are adding file (not folders), or you are using dialog for select files, program adds every selected file, except true JPEG files.

    If you run program from command line you can set a list of files or folders in the command line.

  • Supported input formats
  • Supported output formats
  • Properties dialog

    Properties dialog allows set output file name, EXIF file, set local advanced parameters. Preview result window shows auto camera detection process and results. You can set other camera model selecting it from list of cameras. The list have all cameras which have the same raw file size.

  • Advanced dialog

    You can set some extra options, set table of dead pixels etc. Global parameters set can be overrided by local parameters for each file.

  • Start conversion

    Press Convert button to start conversion. Program converts every file from the list marked with Ready. Conversion result is Success or Fault. See Properties dialog for detailed error report.

  • Distribution

    Program is fully free for any using, including sources. Distribution packed is a 7-zip archive. So you must have appropriate program to uncompress executable. (See for decompress 7z archives.)

    Usually archive contains:

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